Happy New Year 2009!
good start for mee(:

01Jan-- first day of the year.
darling & i met joe, daryl, deborah, cabin, benedict & siaoer at plaza sing(:
1st floor & their gfs gathering! joe and cabin was the other couple!
we were suppose to eat at the cathay, nihon mura. but it was FULL till 2pm.
so we had lunch at cafe cartel(: me & my yummy turkeyham and bacon sandwich!

siaoer wasa damn cute! she bought me a xmas present!
was quite a surprise, dint expect her to. but she's really sweet(:
bought me a bedroom slipper! THANKS er er(:

then we went over to the cathay and had ben and jerrys!!
shared a handpacked tub with cabin and me darling. YUM!
newyork chocolate fudge chunk! and raspberry yogurt.
took loads of photos and talktalktalk till the cows goo moooo(:

but we left early cause darling had to come back and rush his fyp.
so i sat on my bed and watched dramas for the rest of the night (:

today is CORS bidding !
goodluck to everyone and me!

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