FINALLY had MCGRIDDLES for breakfast!

went to west coast Macs after JLoh rushed back from lab early.
had mcgriddles sausage and egg and mocha frappe! heeeaveeennnllyyyy. *muacks!
feel the morning breeze at the park, the air con at macs and the warm tingling feeling of the sunlight coming thru the windows.& listen to my fave xmas songs playing.
it feels like SUNDAY! (:

better still.
i felt sleepy after eating macs.
so we came back and i fell asleep while i enjoy the most comfortable massage ever by mr Loh.

i yam the happiest, most fortunate pigg EVER! muhahaha!

one more thing...
i never knew a cheapo 2 bucks takeaway double cheeseburger can taste SOOOOoooOO GOOD after 1min in the microwave (toaster died-ed on me)!!!!!!
TRY IT! :D yesh u MUST!

oh and theres this new promo thingy.
macs decided to help everyone grow fat and obese.
so they came up with mega burgers! the mega mac has like 4layers of meat.
BUT. the best is mega mcspicy! don't every miss the dear old mcspicy double?!!
i misssssyooouuuu mcspicy double!. i love it separated! one in the burger and one out of the burger. WOOTS!
must try!. apparently the chicken is SUPER THICK.

joan is a pig today.

omg. hahahas dint expect to hear from u at all.
and yesh. my last paper is on 29th. JUST AS LONG AS u REMEMBER to ask me out
i will gladly tell you the LONG story hahahahas!
goodluck for ur exams!(: i miss you! really!
ur stupid silly voice saying joanie woanie macaroni.... -.-

**mandi is a spamer.
hows the apple pie?? maybeh anything from westcoast macs is ultimate!
seriously the doublecheese burger is a STUNNER.! lol dint u hear JLoh's misleading groans just now?? -.-

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