dun worry if its horrible cause i bet everyone else's exams are horrible too(:
then the bell curve will look like the nicest curve u've ever seen!:D anws. i working at munchie's yeah, but rarely hahas! too lazy! i am destined to stay poor for the rest of my life... sobs ): at least u are earning$$ thru ur onlineshop. whens the next batch coming out mans! meanwhile studyhard!

since when theres a spaghetti at the back?! it doesnt rhyme!

hotcakes are horriblyplain! its just sweet. MCGRIDDLES are NICER! hpmhs. u should try it!

i yam in the lib mugging for my maths paper later. sobs. cant wsait for the day to end! roars. then we can start studying for gen.bio tgt. LOL he moans&groans for the double cheesburger instead of his wonderful gf!such a pigg...anws my paper was actually do-able just now(: MWAHS!don't forget to have lunch.joanjoan not there to eat with u. sobs

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