joanjoan has been sick for 5days already.

sobs sobs.
has been sleeping my RARE PRECIOUS holiday away!

trainings will be starting next week already!
i dont think i can take it mans. LOOK AT THE AMOUNT!
mon-fri. EVERYDAY! arghs...
& i m still sick. blehs.

but had fun going shopping and buying some xmas presents with my oldman
for my 4 other darlings (:
we had lunch at shokudo market. new outlet at heeren!
the crepe was yummy!
then we walkwalkwalk while i coughcoughcough...
and stopped for coffee at coffeeclub in kino. but the service theere sucks.
we had out coffees replaced.

but all in all -- i love shopping with my oldman!

oh. watched 'wild child' last night with weekiat yuxiang and gary!(:
i miss you all! a bunch of talkcock and vulgar army guys! but i love listening to their conversation. just like the old times. DAMN entertaining.
but as expected. they complained like mad because we watched a click flick that only i liked. LOL

hais. i better play hard tmr too. before trainings start.
but i will have to get well soon before i can go for the trainings.

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