2009: newyear resolutions

1. murder changjie and take his brains
2. so i can get caps 5
3. share my snacks with everyone
4. so i can slim down or we will all get fat
5. all my wishes come true in 2009!

havent updated for a freakkking long time.
trainingtrainingtraining = busybusybusy = achingachingaching.

let me try to recall...

went to eat shokudo marketplace yet again! to celebrate pretty alvina's birthday(:

and more trainings thru out the week!

went to darling's house to bake gingerbreadman! (:

and that is the legendary jumping gingerbreadman!

CHRISTMAS PARTY at joycelin's house with her xmas tree that never changes every year.
so much fun! WII and FOOD! loveeee the spagetti and chicken curry as always!

CHRISTMAS EVE! hehes met my darling at city hall and window shopped at marina sq. dint know where he was bringing me to. it was suppose to be a surprise. and indeed it was (: we had christmas eve lunch buffet at marina madarin ! DAMN shiok! the amount of food in the prettiest form ever! the cute little well garnished appetizers, clams, oysters, crabs, cheese, salad, smoked salmon, olives, DESSERTS!, CAKES, CHOCOLATES, MUAYCHEE ??, ROJAK??, COOKIES, ICECREAM, chinese food, jap food, roasted duck and meat, HAM, ETC ETC. hohoho. everyone is so well dressed and carrying branded bags... scary hahas

the little tobasco bottles for oysters and clams are DAMN cute hehes

after food we went cine to watch bedtime stories! realllyyyy nice and pretty funny (: cute! happy day! even went to TCC to drink coffee and tea(: so shiok. tai tai life hohoho.

25 Dec
went for swensens lunch with darling again. yummylicious lamb chop! my fave! and sticky chewy chocolate! hohohho!

now.... i am dying of aching legs after bball training. cant wait for the new year holiday!
had breakfast on saturday morning with beatrice and amanda and jon at coffeebean(: so nice and happy to see beatrice and amanda on a sat morn. lol hopefully this sunday can be like this too(:

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