yesh. i had kushinbo buffet yesterday at suntec city with joycey&her Loh. me&my Loh! (:
actually hei and JLoh has been craving for it for very long. but hei cudnt make it yesterday. sobs.

was yummylious!! ate SOOO much i feel full enough to last me for the day.breakfastlunchdinner!
sushi! sashimi! hotpot! teppanyaki! fried ebi, softshellcrab, yakitori! tarts. cakes. chocolates. choc fondue! icecream! manymany sweetdesserts! soba! etcetcetc.

i could only have one serving for each type so i can try everything.
but the 2 mr Lohs had 3 rounds of food! and bigloh still had to finish off his buffet with a nice cup of hot mocha. sooo uncle! hahas

after all the eating, went to marinasq to walk around. back to citylink and we went separate ways. came back to vivo to buy our hp accersory!! DAMN CUTE! we chose for like a million years before we settled on an ahgong&ahMa glass-looking figurine(: and we both had 'J' s on our strappy thing. LALALA sooo happy! then had some drinks at seah im before heading back to hall.

tiredd...fell aslp while watching dvds. blehhs.

now, here i m rotting in my room while he is at lab. blehs.

are u still in lounge?? hahas i can come and peii uuuu(: damn bored... but guess iwill distract you. hahas:P

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