exams are finally over!

had my last two paper today.
discrete structures & general bio.
discrete was quite horrible. its alot of proving and more proving.
guess i wun do well at all for this module. cudn't finish reading my notes.
slept late and wokeup at 6 to read again but still cudnt finish. felt abit sick):
the funny thing was i had so much time during the exam cause i dun really know how to do that i actually read thru some of the lectures that i dint go thru so i can attempt the question. LOL

gen bio was alright. finished with quite some time to spare.
not very confident of a good grade. but average will do. hahas

after exams. waited for the bus for AGES.
then came the new shuttle bus to the *new west coast plaza.
so we hopped on, since exams are OVER! hahas randomness.
thats LOADS of yummylicious food there! gotta jio people to go next time.
but its still new so very lil shops.

lalala. i m finally back home now.
super duper bored.
upset joanjoan):

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