got very much upset for the past few days
although problem was solved
but still very very upset
i'm not invited for my bf's graduation ceremony
when my best friend's ex bf is begging her to go
glad for my bestie, sad for myself
trying not to make my emotions go out of hand
and cause a big commotion over it again
today was still a happy day(:
met up with mel, beatrice, daryl, deb, beanie and se today at clarke quay!(:
my bestest best neighbour who is always busy
but there for me!
had dinner at fisherman's wharf
and just sat there and talked for super duper long(:
beatrice was really nice to accompany me to outram mrt
before going together.
apparently we only stay less than 200m away
from each other. hahas
really really hope we can meet up more often!
i think i will miss daryl too. he's going sheares.
siangmui was really nice too!
she got me a birthday present!:D
its a anna sui pouch(:
love it! hahas
siangmui rocks!

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was supposed to meet joycelin and xhei today
but my cramps and diarrhoea caught me by surprise.
my cramps were neverrrrr sooo painnnn.
had the ultimate blow today.
nearly died-ed
the whole morning i just row around in bed
and the many trips to the toilet.
soo nua now.
doubt i will be able to go anywhere today
and i wasted my morning away yesterday
went off to JB with my parents to renew my passport
cause i will be going to batam this weekend(:
and what are the chances of meeting my computing
buddy there?! 150%! hahas
went out with jloh for dinner
everyone! go try the beancurd at the new
amk hub dessert shop on 2nd floor.
speaking of which,
cant wait for batam!(:
i suck, cause i've never been there!
but i will be goinggggg(:

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devastating day

oh man.
this was so devastating for me
heart broken & disappointed.
dont know how to say it,
as though my tears will roll again
if i have to relive this horrible experience
at OSA.
all in all,
i'm not in business yet
and i will only know by the end of july
the higher my hopes
the greater the disappointment
wanted to burst in to tears
and ultimately i did
but the day pass by well
my parents sort of tried to comfort me
and went for lunch at chinatown with me
and check out those clothing suppliers i alws
wanted to cause i wanna look in to the
possibility of starting up my own online shop.
so if anyone knows of a good supplier
please let me know
i will be very grateful
thanks in advance

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BUSINESS here i come!

O. M. G!
i cant believe it.
when the admin person
called to inform me that
i've been accepted by NUS Biz.
dreammm. come. through
no more fears and worries of failing
any computing modules.and more enjoyable
lectures and tutorials(:
i hope i will do well!
i must work hard!
yay yay yay!
and i went out to eat lunch
and play lan with joycelin and kim

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Happy 20th Birthday to me(:

oh wow. i havent posted for decades! (1mth ago)
contemplating whether to put my fingers to work everytime i visit other's blogs
and here i am(:
i just celebrated my 20th birthday with everyone i love.
mydarling, joycelin, kim, xhei, elsie, alvina, huizhen, connie.
thankew so much! important people in my life(: and of course my family.
spent the whole week last week going out ever since joycelin sng came back
from aussie. shop shop shop. eat eat eat. play lan play lan play lan. all day long.
had a wonderful night out at astons and giraffe to celebrate my bday with all of them(:

and because it's my bday week and my darling was busy previously with work.
he spent the rest of the week from thurs to sunday with meeee(:
and he gave me a huge surprise by bringing me to "his secret place" -- House at dempsey.
its sooo me place! green house lookalike that provides spa, bar and restuarant.
the ambience rocks! i wanna go there with him every year for bday!
the great surprise was he got the waiters and waitresses to serve strawberry shortcake
with HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOAN written on the plate and a candle. they even sang a song.

the funny thing was, i turned around the moment the waiters and waitresses were
bringing the cake so one of them screamed lol :P

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looks like i wun get my job.
went for an interview at moe
with hei on monday. they'll be
calling today if they want us.
and its already 1pm! oh sobs.

think i will just play my holiday
away.tryyy to find like super short
term kinda job or sth.

went for a one day tour at chinatown
with jloh yesterday. he wanted to bring
me to my earring diy heaven there.cause
there are ALOT of cheap earrings beads &
materials. spent like 20over!but LOVE IT.
im in to diy earring now(: maybeh one day
when i m good i can consider selling them.
at the moment i just like the feel of making
pretty earrings(:

see. i made this for my lovely neighbour
mandi dizonny (below)

althought its like buyable outside.
its cheaper to make yourself(:
isit it sweet? i love roses**hinthint**
had alot of YUMMYLICIOUS food
at chinatown yesterday too! SUPER!
had my fave spagetti and chickenwings
at a marketplace there, then we had
after the hot and spicy one i ate at
amkhub with kim, i'm in love with
such fishballs(: then we had desserts
and the famous maxwell porridge.
YUMM... i wanna go and eat again!(:
reesults will be out on friday. what time ah?
i dunno at all. hahas cant wait. i reallyreally
hope i meet my expectations.

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wow. i just realised i havent updated for a week.
althought i am at home most of the time. hahas

just too lazy.
went out with friends & darling.
but just feel very detached. wanna meet
my heihei and kim everyday but they
are busy. feel so weird during the holidays

and i finish my boys over flowers already
so sadd.... hahas
i really hope i get the job with heihei.
then can see beloved heihei everyday(:


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