tired & motionless cat.

yeah. thats me.
DAMN tired! today is finally coming to an end.
great. i slept really lil last night trying to finish reading programming.
woke up at ard 740am. had breakfast and rushed off to MPSH 1A for my first paper.

CS1101C programming methology.
the mmt i saw the front cover i stunned.
10mcqs(expected), 3 short answers(expected) -->
Q1 10marks
Q2 20marks
** Q3 FIFTY MARKS?! out of a hundred!
it took like like more than 1/2 the amount of pages!
a crazy lum of words! and foreign language.

but at least the mcq and the other qnses went well(:
so heck lah hehes

after my paper, i actually went to the central lib to study...
**NEW** experience.
had lunch at the cafe near co-op.
don't go. its extremely normal. hahas.
i actually studies all the way till my next paper at 5pm.

MATHS 1505.
had to rush out my help sheet to bring in to exam,
& i started real late ):
by the time finished i'm almost late for exam && SUPER DUPER drained.

thankgod jloh took bus to MPSH with me.
else i wouldn't have walked sooo fast to be on time
& remember which bus stop to stop & even how to get to MPSH 5.
thankew darling! (: love u deepdeep

was way too tired to endure 2hrs of maths.
by 6pm i was on the verge of giving due to an aching back & neck & a hungry stomach.
sobs sobs.

FINALLY, hall sweet hall (:
2 down and 2 more to go on saturday.

& joycelin has finally came back! from perth!
cant wait to meet her this week. & i miss kimkim(: gdluck for ur remaining exams!
heihei is evil. she met joycelin 3 times already including tmr, & joyce only came back yst...
i yam stuck here studying. SOBS

hopefully i will have time after exams to meet up more often with em.
&& the thought of staying sooo far away from everywhere makes me sooo lazy. . .


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