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isn't it CUTE! (:
hehes TIGER!
hmms. but i really feel like a tigeress on the loose...
really really bad tempered recently. all because of STUDIES!
remembered people used to say that i've transformed from a tigeress to a cat cause my temper in the past was 200% worse than how it is now. LOL **memories...
but i really feel bad this time for throwing tantrum all the time at J loh.
i really cant understand my work):
no matter how much i study the same set of notes,
it seems fruitless. i just don't know how to tackle the questions.
then i will either throw abit of a tantrum or i will become miss ice queen and not talk at all.
cause i have no energy to move my big mouth anymore. HAHAS
had my programming practical exam yesterday at 10am.
i stared at the question HARD while i hear sounds of tapping on the keyboard.
in the end i just make desperate moves and
typed in some random simple codes that i will never obtain marks for.
thankgodness i hear many girls whinning after the test :P
but i was feeling so lifeless i dragged myself back to hall in the longest time ever
and quietly sneaked in to my room.
dint talk for 2hours before energy restored and went for lunch at hollandV with my sweetest bf who wanted to cheer me up.
crystaljade dimsum(: (:
lalala. happy cat! i love dim sum!

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