let me tell you SERCET.

don't tell anyone who doesn't know okays??

i'm gonna puke blood soon,
then jump down the building &
land on my prof's car so he will be traumatised for life.

i am currently appealing for a change of faculty to arts and socialscience.
if its successful i will consider to let my prof off. (i am sure someone else will finish him off)
i dont understand whatever i am studying and i dunno how to do the stupid questions!

give up and drop school so i can go shatec and be my pastry chef!
ROAR! call me chef joan!
if only my parents....

BUT other then the damn school life.
i am a happy girl (: (:
and i am going to watch MADAGASCAR 1&2 (marathon) this coming friday!
but i have programming practical exam on wednesday...dont bother wishing my luck.
no use. sobs

--my happiness --

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