yay! i bought new clothes from an online shop.
and i only just realised that its my friend's own lil business (:
quite pretty. support support!

i really need to pamper myself more.
thats where the clothes come in to the picture.
so damn tired since last week i cant seem to feel better anymore.

vicious cycle.
i need a week holiday or go in to hiding.
even after eating botak jones for lunch today i still feel so tired and cant stop sighing.
many many many many things to do this week! ROAR

ohyesh. i have work from 6-10pm today too...
really wanna hide away mans.

hei hei.
i miss you. ur joan joan is not happy cat anymore.
hope you're not killing yourself with comp engine at ntu too.
i miss playing ball with you all.
sad.that give up so much time with my best team mates for bf.
totally know how u feel now

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