Happy 20th Birthday to me(:

oh wow. i havent posted for decades! (1mth ago)
contemplating whether to put my fingers to work everytime i visit other's blogs
and here i am(:
i just celebrated my 20th birthday with everyone i love.
mydarling, joycelin, kim, xhei, elsie, alvina, huizhen, connie.
thankew so much! important people in my life(: and of course my family.
spent the whole week last week going out ever since joycelin sng came back
from aussie. shop shop shop. eat eat eat. play lan play lan play lan. all day long.
had a wonderful night out at astons and giraffe to celebrate my bday with all of them(:

and because it's my bday week and my darling was busy previously with work.
he spent the rest of the week from thurs to sunday with meeee(:
and he gave me a huge surprise by bringing me to "his secret place" -- House at dempsey.
its sooo me place! green house lookalike that provides spa, bar and restuarant.
the ambience rocks! i wanna go there with him every year for bday!
the great surprise was he got the waiters and waitresses to serve strawberry shortcake
with HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOAN written on the plate and a candle. they even sang a song.

the funny thing was, i turned around the moment the waiters and waitresses were
bringing the cake so one of them screamed lol :P

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