i finally finished my programming practical exam
that i chiong-ed for for a week already!

had a bad tummyache during the exam,
went to shit halfway :P

on the night before, had a good rest
before the exam day. for the first time
i feel that i've prepared myself well for an
exam and i don't really have to worry.
really happy for myself today(:

anws had a dessert supper for the block on thurday(:
damn yummy! especially the first floor chocolate fondue that
i helped with! and brenda's butter cake! and baolai's tiramisu!
and danieltan's cheesecake! and rootbeer float!

if only we have such supper everyweek HAHAS
quoted from our dear mojojoJOE.

hrmms. next week have to start rushing all my other projects already.
my marketing assignment, marketing project and CS1105 project!
cant wait for it all to be over, and have a really good date on good friday(:
then start studying hard for 2 weeks before exams!

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