i am officially a SKW.
Sai Kang Warrior.

in hall do sai kang,
at home also do sai kang for my mum.
every morning i wakeup, she will tell me
a whole list of things i need to do for her.
pack the house, clean every surface area,
fold clothes etc.

have been doing that for the whole week
since i came back home from hall. guess i
will just help my mum since i've never really
helped her with housework after moving in
to hall. hahas but i dont get paid!

i waant a JOB!

at least now i some time to go out.
went prawning with jloh, beanie and SE last sat
i think. hahas cant really rem when. havent blogged
in ages. yesterday went to eat my fave kenny rogers!
yumyum. and sang 5 hours of kbox. and i finally gotta
meet my LOVELY kimkim and heihei! (:
yupps. me and the 2 idiots i LOVE(:
met heihei for lunch first, as ALWAYS,
amkhub food junction fried fish soup,
and we had our bubbletea at our fave
bubbletea drinking spot at the stairs.
and kim came!

off we went for LEFT 4 DEAD.
was sooo funnnyyyy and we had
loads of fun. all my F**K F**K F**K
came out. i totally suck!

and we visited NTUC.
i kept tripping over things
and banging into things. gosh.

i tripped over a box behind me while taking this photo,
fell, slowwww motiooonnn...
heihei left after ntuc trip.
and we went to shop for nail polish!(:
lalala. its a happy day today!(: MWAHS

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