looks like i wun get my job.
went for an interview at moe
with hei on monday. they'll be
calling today if they want us.
and its already 1pm! oh sobs.

think i will just play my holiday
away.tryyy to find like super short
term kinda job or sth.

went for a one day tour at chinatown
with jloh yesterday. he wanted to bring
me to my earring diy heaven there.cause
there are ALOT of cheap earrings beads &
materials. spent like 20over!but LOVE IT.
im in to diy earring now(: maybeh one day
when i m good i can consider selling them.
at the moment i just like the feel of making
pretty earrings(:

see. i made this for my lovely neighbour
mandi dizonny (below)

althought its like buyable outside.
its cheaper to make yourself(:
isit it sweet? i love roses**hinthint**
had alot of YUMMYLICIOUS food
at chinatown yesterday too! SUPER!
had my fave spagetti and chickenwings
at a marketplace there, then we had
after the hot and spicy one i ate at
amkhub with kim, i'm in love with
such fishballs(: then we had desserts
and the famous maxwell porridge.
YUMM... i wanna go and eat again!(:
reesults will be out on friday. what time ah?
i dunno at all. hahas cant wait. i reallyreally
hope i meet my expectations.

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