ohno! my eyes are all puffy.
tonight not pretty for command already :P

had a rough night last night.
cant finish my marketing individual assignment,
not sure how to do it. have to finish today before
command else i cant submit tmr. i have to submit
my group's marketing project too. my references
are not done. blehs. i need sleep...desperately!
toughtough week ahead. after i submit all my marketing
work, i still have CS1105, and i only have 2 days!
i wanna sleep ... ): hopefully tonight command will be good.
at least worth me going down and not using the time to do work
instead. hais. hope jloh will enjoy it too.

made aapple crumbler and everyone liked it(:
maybe i will make for command supper if i have time.
still have to rush the command present for next wednesday.
think i m gonna giveup soon...

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