HAHAS YIPPEE! exams are finally over. felt like a long, tough trip to the land of exams. accumulation of days of insufficient rest and desire to relax. finally, everything ended with geography paper this morn, 11pm! 6 modules this semester, plus a determination to study hard, do all tutorials and pay attention at every lectures. i broke my record thou... slept in one of my programming lecture. finally i can sleep hard. darling ended today as well(: cant wait for next weeek. gotta enjoy our last week together in hall, cause he's graduating already. sobs. sometimes i get really really emo. about it. but i must have FAITH! exactly one more week to our 7th month. lucky 7(: not a very long period, but a fulfilling period. i finally managed to overcome my horrible exams from last semester, all the transfering and admin stuff, and studyinghard this sem. my best present this year for my birthday is definitely good results and a loving relationship(: although i am already very happy with my coach clutch bag as an early present from my sister. just rocks to have a working sister! hehehe.

not really looking forward to the holidays though. yet to know what i wanna do this holiday. definitely gonna work and earn some cash, seeing that i am such a shopaholic and my darling's birthday and his neighbour's birthday all around the corner. *ahem*, i'm nice. hahas but i definitely know some things that i wanna accomplish this holiday.

- spend alot alot more time with my beloved friends
after the long separation due to busy hall life and different universities.

- really wanna meet up with my neighbours and hall friends this holiday,
break the curse of holiday separation.

- celebrate all my friend's birthday and of cause, my darling and my birthday(:

- have loads of fun at bluebloood and FWOC. and look forward to school and friends again.

hrmms. ohyah. i've gotta exercise during the holidays! i dont wanna be a fat pig after holidays.

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