ROAR beanie! i'm updating!

alrights. last week was a busy week, as usual.

and i foresee 2more weeks of busy-ness = stagnant blog
and then a bit of rest before i chiong for final exams!
cant really remember what happened last week,
not enough brain cells to remember.

on thursday, the USE TO BE THE HAPZ 1st floor,
is once again alive!
we had a mini steaamboat gathering outside jloh's room
somewhere near the grass patch.
went out super early to buy the meat and prawns and what not.
had yummy coffeebean breakfast at west coast plaza first with jloh.
beatrice's favourite breakfast apparently.
and went to sheng shiong to buy
LIVE PRAWNS we had. YUMMY! sweet and crunchy. hohoho.
and i painstakingly cut all the chicken and beef we bought.
but it was worth it. DAMN NICE!
miss the times we spent together at first floor.
must treaasure it befor everyone leaves ):

then there was block supper.
and hard mugging for programming sit in lab.
which i dint finish in time for the first time, no one finished. yucks.

went out for a while on friday with jloh(:
ate alot of rubbish.
and now i am at home,
doing projects again.

havent had a proper relaxing weekend for 3weeks already.
everyday just mug and do projects.
oh but i went to play ball with my dearest team mates again
yesterday at ajc. shioks! but the weather super hot! neaarly died...
i havent even walked under the hot sun for a long long time. :X
my coach asked if i have a bf, and end up i paotoh everyone else's r/s :P
he got so talkative yesterday.
i miss my coach.

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