was actually quite a nice movie.
but everyone thinks it sucks. lol i wonder why?
maybeh because there's the blue john with his dangling thing,
or all the weird lil sex scenes with HILARIOUS music!

but i feel that it had a good political theme behind it all.
maybeh a dream of peace that cant be realised in reality.
and the american dream, that seems to not be turning out
the way it should be.

hence the creation of the movie,
a another pavement to the dreams that has yet to come true?

the action or gruesomeness was quite nice too. hoho!
and that hot bode of mr blue mahanttan ;)

wasn't that bad a movie. was expecting much less of it.
but the best is still marley and me! super duper superb touching(:

its finally friday.
finally my busy darling
ends his fyp work.
after the long hard work.

went to visit him at LT7A today
his fyp presentation(:
it was pouring!
show abit of support.

we're gonna go out for dinner tonight(:

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