oops. i just realised i last blogged 1 week ago.
my appetite is atrocious last week. STRESS lol

its either i am soo tired that i have no appetite,
or i am soo tired that i wanna reward myself and end up
eating expensive food with jloh. $$$fly away.

had lerkthai, expensive icecream, kinder joy!, mcdonald's breakfast,
fish and co, and sushi!

sobs. my money and my weight....):

i would rather not have appetite, lose some weight.

went to watch DETROIT METAL CITY with my sister at marina.
RELAX(: its like the cock-est and funniest movie by L from deathnote!
yes! the cool one! mwahs.
he is damn cock in this movie. nerdy look, loves stupid love songs and dreams
to be such a singer. but fate brought him to become a DEATH METAL lead singer.
and behind that make up, he is still the nerd him. damn funny!
catch it if u dont mind japanese comedy and a super noisy one.
there are SO many movies i wanna watch!
SNIPER! -- edison chen!:P

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