have been so busy recently.
everyday i have schoolwork.

tutorials, webcasts, lectures, projects, labs, assignments.

so tired. i want a vacation!
even if its just a short onee.
i need fun! i need to play! happy!

and so is jloh. busy as ever.
if boyfriend=finalyear,
joan misses him all the time!
no little chats and cuddles as often.
no watching funny dramas and shows together.
no movies and weekends datings.

and recently my neighbours are all busy with other stuff.

think i must smile more.
be more friendly. hahas!
tough task.

looking forward to thurs and fri night with xiaoting.
we're going be nerds and join the website building enrichment program!
and lets pray for xiaoting,
cause she wants a hot handsome instructor,
impossible to find in SOC

oh and i think my blogskin is nice,
yet conflicting.
stars and nightsky VS rainbow?

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