was supposed to meet joycelin and xhei today
but my cramps and diarrhoea caught me by surprise.
my cramps were neverrrrr sooo painnnn.
had the ultimate blow today.
nearly died-ed
the whole morning i just row around in bed
and the many trips to the toilet.
soo nua now.
doubt i will be able to go anywhere today
and i wasted my morning away yesterday
went off to JB with my parents to renew my passport
cause i will be going to batam this weekend(:
and what are the chances of meeting my computing
buddy there?! 150%! hahas
went out with jloh for dinner
everyone! go try the beancurd at the new
amk hub dessert shop on 2nd floor.
speaking of which,
cant wait for batam!(:
i suck, cause i've never been there!
but i will be goinggggg(:

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